Polish Abstract and Swarovski Gem - Nail Art Tutorial

Let's get started so whether you're a tech or a client you've got your nail polish - let's say they're all dried ready to go so I'm going to work on this finger is just going to be an accent finger and when I say take this is what I mean so I was trying to leave this edge lifting up like this because they're so hard to find okay so get this it's a little difficult cuz im using on one hand here your nail technician you've got to use on the one hand I want to get a little bit extra i'm using this red tape because i had a fair amount of it I'm not gonna be leaving the tape there so I can be taking another stripe sometimes you can stick this end first this is just if you're doing with one hand and then move this to where you wanted to go now.

I'm getting more careful with my place but I want to get these are like almost like they're a little bit closer together back of that just make sure you're pressing in is it tape it has a sticky side and stick down this end first ok then i'm going to pick me call us I've got this blue i'm going to take you to put a little bit of blue on here and you'll see because i'm going to use it to get into the tiny little crevice with my dotting tool ok let's say I'm going to color this stripe in here we have you really good you can take the paint brush from the young polish and try to plant in there this line is a little smaller than the polish so I cannot get the brush in there that good.

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So I'm gonna take I like this dark color i found it on the little shelf behind me really like it a nice contrast from what I'm ready to put me here so you don't you just basically coming in between and then I noticed this color - I'm just gonna throw this little color in there get very bright I think I'll put it in this little tiny space right here tiny I don't think i'm gonna leave a white space they're going to put another color here was this isn't too close to the other people sign looks quite different yeah yeah and I got one more spot how did nothing maybe I'll put another dark on this little swatch over the side here that I could almost painting me the pros are you really really effective because you can also use a tiny little pink dress meet so you don't want to let it dry too much the Polish will stick to the tape if it's too dry and it will actually rip your polish right off you know what going to cut this so i can get it off so I thought for fun you would have it come to a specific quite.

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I'm just going to put a little bit of hard generate there and I'm going to get a nice big blue diamonds right there I think I can resist not putting any more that's kind of cute then I get a new coat and a cure him so the jelly put on was just to cure the bling in there and that's used with the light to cure it then you just top coat it and off you go you're done kinda looks like racing stripes no yes or maybe something for a superhero ok what very funny yeah your costume that it will get will get a costume from the next and tights maybe