Gel Ombre Nail Art - NO Sponges

Nail Art Designs . I love it was a lot of fun and I want to do it with gel polish very very different I got a few helpful hints let's get it so when you do an ombre with polish you can do it with a sponge but with gel you can't do that I've tried it disaster so we're going to do is we're going to do it with a brush this is a gel brush but I picked it because it's rather soft and it should help me fade it pretty good between the two colors so . a base coat already so i just applied one coat of this this is ugly duckling and they don't have names on there yet this is just number 38 m I call it sky blue or something Robin a or something but um 38 is what we're going to use and we're also going to use number three and it's a really pretty mint green so I don't a base coat just one of this and it is a gel.

So I've put one coat on very very thin and I've cured it so we're going to take the design from here you can get a piece of glass or a tile or whatever you want to use i'm going to use this is just a cup upside down i'm using the glass because it just be smooth you'll see what I'm doing I'm going to put this color on the glass bit of it these are the two colors i'm going to blend together okay here comes the clothes stuff now i am mixing these two together so even though this one is already on there it's already hard and I've already cured it in the light so it's you can touch it right I need is sticky and I need to blend together I just want to put a thin layer don't have to overdo it you can do this in a couple layers until we get the blend that you want to do with thin layer on one side and vertically and then do it in layer and whatever you color you choose on the opposite side now I've also got the same two colors on here on my glass and i'm going to saturate this little brush one side being blue you can see how it's saturating in there and the opposite side you want to get your green and the blue and then you can paint it on your glass dish or whatever you've got the table or whatever you're using and painted on the sort of blended on the brush so one side is blue the other side is green make sure it's blended one side you can do this a few times to make sure the brushes really got it in there and saturated happy to still make them up ok there's a lot in there so when you paint it on here make sure you do have the sides matching up.

And it's a very light touch I find with gel just going to go over it and smooth it just ever so lightly that idea make sure that this is out of the way up here that for 30 seconds away from my gels ok now i'm going to go ahead and do the rest is really quite pretty I like that go ahead and do the rest but i am going to have a brace here it's a very effective way to do a gel blend and the love this stuff it works very very thin clients are coming back loving it because it really where as well that's always good to hear your clients we do get a little bit on member take it off I use my fingers as tools hey man when they're shaped like that why not it's a tool right there now you are doing gel and you doing an intricate design and you find that the brush that whatever gel company you're using is a little thick or clunkier you don't like it you can always use another brush we do this with toes at the salon we do find sometimes the brushes can be a little clunky especially if you've got a little tiny toe so grab another brush you can grab a project this and this company's designed it where you can dab it on the side that's why they made these square bottles you can just pick it up right on the side there and attack your nail and be quite effective it's so pretty it's a very very light touch you don't have to put a base color down.
But i did I think I liked it better this is a super super soft look getting good enough i can actually blend it without even using the brush maybe I just think I'm better than I am yeah just super light touch just to soften it nice so I do this one coat and then cure it for 30 seconds and then do the second coat ok now i see that the thumb is much more defined between blue and green but these ones aren't as much it looks cool but it's not quite as defined so the second coat i'm going to make it a little more defined and not quite as blended just two cokes and we don't know anymore it is better than one stroke doesn't like little bitty ones okay that's a little more defined I think I like that better I can't say that I do like that look - and there's so many different looks you could get just the light touch or heavy touch this is where the artistry comes in you know you could get a hundred of us text up here and doing the same colors the same technique and we would all turn out with different looks and just gently kind of soften it out yeah just really gentle blend okay one more okay i'm going to close here look here i don't know why i say nuke I think it's because i was around before all the proper terms were invented before gel and before UV lights were invented that's dating myself isn't it it's so soft ok now i'm going to top cook them and brought them one now because it's pretty I like the chrome top ok nice thin layer of gel top coat off it's so pretty you know blue and red might look really cool both strong blue and red like a real strong royal blue and a real quick blue red that would be like a most 3d effect kind of looking at china I think I'm ready for Hawaii these are tropical nails so 30 seconds for the top cope how you know that went off way easier than I expected because it's such a challenging experience with a sponge didn't like it at all but this is gorgeous and it just took a little brush in a light touch let's check out the reveals