iPhone 7 Plus UNBOXING

Apple's latest iPhone 7 models sport two new color finish options: a solid matte Black and a high gloss Jet Black. Both appear to be in high demand, so if you're on the fence (or in line) we've taken some photos and videos highlighting the differences, including their almost invisible new seam lines, Apple's enhanced leather case options and the new Lightning headphones.

The new Black and Jet Black (above) options are front-to-back black with nearly invisible black seams that join the top and bottom to the middle (allowing radio signals through the aluminum case). 

While visible in the image above (due to purposely exaggerated lighting), In Real Life the repositioned seams are hard to see at all on either black model. 

The other finish options for the new iPhone 7 models (Silver, Gold and Rose Gold) use the same, more discreet end-cap seam placement compared to the previous "tighty whitey" underwear lines of the 6 and 6s, but their seam lines pop out more than the two black versions because they use a contrasting seam color.

source: http://appleinsider.com/articles/16/09/16/black-jet-black-unboxing-the-new-iphone-7-iphone-7-plus-with-lightning-headphones