Repairing A Lifted Acrylic Nail - Step By Step Tutorial

Nail Art Designs . my nails with it all the time but they've taken a real beating during this renovation of my new salon this thumb in particular has had a bad go I'm going to fix it repaired because sometimes we do have to deal with really badly lifted pinky nails so that's what we do today let's get started the most clients that come in for regular fill their very smooth cuticles no lifting and we can just stuff them and feel them and it's pretty easy and pretty simple but every now and then you'll get something like this and because this happened to me during the run oh I just thought take some time and show you how to do this because.

I've never really seen anything like this before when it's this lifted so number one thing we're filling a nail is you must take up any lifted discolored ugly acrylic or gel whenever you're working with so in this case you can sort of see this is actually lifted severely on this one side right over from here all the way over to here this is all lifted there's a crack along here and there appears to be a crack over here before you put any new product on that all of this achiness has got to go that's the renovation on the nail before we apply so in order to do that you can hand file it but that would be a lot of work I'm going to drill it ok here's another tip for you when you're taking out a bubble or anything that's lifted the wire it is the more it's lifted you want to file around the bubble because sometimes falling on the bubble is really kind of pointless because it's already lifted if you file around the bubble and make it thin sometimes you can just pop it right out maybe that'll happen here I just put my mask on and I'll show you how to file this horrible little thumb I'm going to take my drill and the tip of it right in here the angle of it very carefully and just a short little burst because you don't want to burn too much friction turning can burn just go short little burst of where you see the crack and here's a little craft over here going to find that out - I do short little burst so it doesn't burn now this whole thing might be kind of ugly over here but this definitely here i'm gonna show you this bubble part when it's lifted this much you can file around the lift to see what I'm trying to do.

I'm like digging a little seemed almost between where it's lifted and where it here if I get this thin enough I can sometimes just take my finger and flake it oh look at this this is good I mean bad but guys it watch this if I pull this a little bit you can see how lift it is so look right down in there that is so often right off that boys got to go it's all so ugly and discolored so I'm going to take now if you just rip it off at my work in this case it looks like it might if you can just peel it right off I'm only being able to peel this off right now because it is not actually adhere to the nail if it was somewhat adhered you wouldn't want to pull it off like that because it would rip natural nail and you don't want to stress the natural nail so this is actually not here but it is joined right there so this is I'm going to do I'm going to file where I see that its joint so if I just file this really thin in here get it in and since then I don't want to rip it in this one spot because it's going to rip my natural nail it's actually adhere to that side these are some of the worst to do such a pain and it can hurt the client but never never never rip it off don't take a tip and push it off don't take some flyers and rip it off it really will damage the National and it'll bite you in a bot - because if you put a new nail on it and you ripped it there's less natural nail for the new nail to hear - so I file it thin enough look at that not ripping the mail what so I came off so so easily.

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So now I'm going to file up the natural nail and make it get rid of paint on there for one thing it's not a look I want and I'm going to file the existing croelick and try to make it as smooth as possible i'll tell you one if I don't file the existing acrylic it's a different color when I put the new stuff on over top of this that color can come through so it's and you look like you look into the nail and it's going to be different levels of different color so if you want to look a little bit more smooth and blemish free then take away all the stuff that's on there very gently because you're finally against natural nail so now i'm just making this existing acrylic thin as i can and do it very gently because it's close to the natural male but i'm trying to make it seamless as possible so then you can take your natural file if you want and just buff that natural now we're prepping it for the product and you can shorten the National if you want is totally optional you can leave it if you want or you can shorten it doesn't really matter if it's scraggly shorten it okay I'm gonna see if I can file the last little bit of this off and prepare this nail for the application yeah so now it's down to the natural nail so all the natural nail there i filed with the ARB and i use a medium bit or a fine I don't use the carbide and then when it comes to finding the acrylic to get it off I use this bit this is the car by bit with the medium to find teeth ok so don't use this on the natural nail so it's all prepped ready to go now i'm going to disinfect it and then.

I'm going to primer it and we are ready for the application that's disinfected that can go everywhere a way to that dries a little bit and then I quit the program I'm going to form it yeah that natural male is intact I didn't but the crap out of it and I didn't peel the old nail off and pull any natural nail off didn't want to do it ok he's ready to go for natural nail application that's what I'm going to do here for you primers ready gently put that home okay we've disinfected it we prepped it and we put the primer on it it's ready to go for application so for fun purposes as I instruct with the application process i'm going to apply three different colors to create a very natural pretty look ok so the first stages this area here will be a very light bright soft pink then we're going to go into more of a colored pink like I'm like a foundation would work so it's a mixture of the two together then the end so it doesn't see through it looks more natural will be a bit more of a cover pink which means it's a little bit more opaque and it has more of a dense color it you'll see the colors as they go down so we'll start with the cuticle and I'm gonna soften that right into it it's a beautiful color it's one of my favorite Collins just a nice soft on the blue side think more of a cool you might say then we're going to go into a blend and this is that cool pink mixed with what I'm going to put on the end cover pic this is in the middle nice and square this all make this is square nail and then you can see this natural free edge showing through I want to see that so much this is where my cover paint comes in so quite a bit more opaque able to see that and that should cover that free edge look I also could have shorted you still would see a little bit of it i'm going to use the cover thing cover it completely so it looks like i use one color but it actually use three to create this particular look