3D Nail Art Acrylic Roses on Stiletto

Nail Art Designs . i'm super excited because today we're going to do roses on the nail you going to do is still a little style and we're going to add some pearls and some jewel this hand here is completely filled and prepped ready to go so if you're a nail technician and you'll know how to do that ahead of time that should be prepared and prepped so right now i'm going to get a stiletto form and i'm going to extend all of these fingers first with a stiletto shape and i'm going to be doing white roses so therefore i'm going to put a white french down underneath so the white roses have any gaps in between them you'll see the French white underneath and I'll still make it look like a white bed and you can put different colors if you wanted but i really want to make it look like it's just totally no space between roses look at Donna Rosa's so like what you see maybe roses on the side of the cake wedding cake coming down on the side like that so put your farm on and that is a stiletto form.

If you don't have us too little for me to take two regular forms and then pick about them together and I'm just going to start making the French white stiletto on all of these nails is gonna take a bit of time it will speed it up yeah I'm not going to do this very high is a French it's actually be a little bit lower so i can fit the nail bed of flowers in it without making it appear too high so I wanted to blend in with the nail as opposed to sitting on top so we make this French very very thin I don't have to get too crazy with the French line right now because flowers are going to be like yeah so it doesn't matter about your product control so much as far as the white against white it doesn't have to be super smooth again because you're putting flowers right on top we're just trying to get a platform for the flowers to sit on top as much as.

I really want to get started on the flowers I'm going to do them all the Stiletto french first and get that out of the way and then i can just go crazy with the flowers just adding them all in at once you get in the groove so soon as it dries and that's how you can tell that clicking sound you can take it off if you feel comfortable oh it's not quite during the tip let's just leave it there ok so i'm just going to form and do all the rest of the fingers and get the white done and again the white and you can put pink on underneath you can put any color you want really i'm just putting the white on so if there's any see through between the flowers you won't you'll just see the white under it you won't see any other color i just want to look really white sometimes my index hard to form because it's so pointy when I first saw the Stiletto I didn't really like him I talked to him really creepy but now I've really come to love them ok it's very awkward doing your own hand sometimes again we're not looking for that perfect French something that has text that I always wanted to try do a perfect French face tip when you're doing a perfect French work with a very dry ball did you brush dry and clean you don't need to make your part of control blend really well with each other this is not going to be a solid weight that we're going to see all the roses feeling right on top it doesn't have to swim in so I've still level them up and they're French to accept to the ring finger I'm just going to make it a solid white so i can put roses on the whole thing from the cuticle to the tip.
I'm just going to the forms off now make sure they're dry and just pinch it before you take it off and pull it from under so you don't break it ok so now they're all ready to go and and they're all hard and cured and they look a little rough but come on the surface but flowers are going on top of this doesn't really matter told me that my something so i'm going to take my file and just clean up the edges underneath to make sure that it's nice and smooth as it might be hard to do that after you put the Roses on and even if the tips look a little rough that's ok we're going to be putting roses right to the edge just gonna send this one out a little bit oh just cleaning up the edges ok so now i'm going to put the Roses in individually this is what's going to take a long time a lot of working here so when you're doing flowers the key is to work with a quite dry the liquid powder ratio more powder than liquid these are very very simple flowers this is where the patient comes in i'm also using a much smaller brush this was the brush size i used when i did the stilettos this is the brush size i'm using to do the flowers quite a bit smaller you do the outside panel of one rose go ahead and do the outside petals of other roses to let that dry if you put more petals in here right away it will look mushy it'll blend into one but if you put your little pedal on there and let it dry and then put petals in later when it's dried it has a little more definition looks a little more like it how to make your roses relatively similar in size if you do some little different sizes - it'll give a bit of an assortment it's like flowers so now I've got the outside petals done and they're not done quite a few so they're drying up a little bit probably cleared now I'm gonna put the inside petals in them once they're dry I'm going to continue on but i just wanted to show you that part this is also the top of you want to putting your pearls for your caviar yeah this is turning out so adorable i can't stand it this is really really cute so I put some beads in their pearls and all the roses and the rosebuds are in there and now i'm just going to do all these fingers so it's going to take quite some time it probably maybe maybe two hours so i'll get back to you when it's done i'll show you the finished result ok that didn't take long at all just about an hour and a half and it turned out really good i'm really happy with them as far as top coat don't put a top coat on your flowers you want it to look rather matte top coat should be just on the nail bed that's what should be it looks really really good