Glass Gel See -Thru Tip Coffin Nails

Nail Art Designs . So many of you have asked me to do a full gel sculpted nail well that's what i'm going to do today i'm super excited let's get started so one of my favorite things about gel it has an incredible shine and the clear is super clear like glass so that's going to take advantage of today i'm going to make it so we have glass tips acrylic you can do it does have clear and you can make it a glass look but it's not quite as clear as gel gel is amazing when it comes to this so I've already prepped the nail sanitized prepared everything filed got rid of my dust which now this product likes especially Joe does not like . you get rid of all your dust and I prep the nail and it's ready for me to start forming and sculpting and that's what.

I want to do for you right away so this company i'm using called integrity and some of you have requested me to show you some of the products that i'm using I'm not really very good at that i'm sorry i'm going to try to get with it this is integrity that i'm using and it is this is the pink it's really a very pretty pink they have a cover pink to which is quite cool and i'm also going to be using the clear this is the magic clear you can use any forms with gel i'm going to use this form because it might be easier for you to see the product as it goes down so i'm going to form this you know a lot of people out there use tips and you know they're great too but i prefer the form i find it much more custom tips are already shaped so you're putting a preform shape on there or as I like to use the form to totally customize it to the person's finger ok what a nice little flow there.

And look down here there's no gap I'm going to get out both products and here's my little gel brush very different than acrylic right so when im using the gel is actually applied quite differently than acrylic which you see me do so many times you kind of pick it up and you feel like you're icing a cake sure we've all done that you can do it and swirls whatever it hits it sticks to this is a sculpting gel so it doesn't flow as much but you can swoop roll it on like that like an icing of the cake or you can do it in circles either one works so that looks pretty good I don't want to go past this end here because that's where i'm going to use the clear to make it look very transparent glass like when you're using your lap though make sure that your gel pots are not in the way of that UV light so if it gets a little hot you can just move it in there you can bring it out let it cool you can stick it back in right now you just need to do a bit of a flash cure and that's between 10 to 15 seconds follow your manufacturer's instructions on your product and that way you can ensure proper curing times i'm giving it a bit of a flash cure and now i'm going to get out a better turn this off it doesn't affect me work time so it's very different building gel as opposed to acrylic gel doesn't harden until you put it under the light acrylic tears as you work with it so what we're going to do this look how clear that is oh my goodness that is so pretty so I find the best way to get it on and to keep the structure is to almost like fill it this way when you do the motion back and forth and take it the height and the length that you like again you can do this facing motion it's an extremely light touch or you can do the circle motion you really just sort of guiding the product to follow where you want.
Now because this is a self-leveling product if you leave it like this for a little bit it'll kind of flatten out a little if you turn it upside down the self leveling will come to a bit of the center itself leveling at the lowest point right so it creates a natural arch if you can't build one that could look at that that's a huge one but that shows you what's happening I'll show it sideways for this camera above you can see that i bring it down a little bit and then if I even you can see how it moves a kind of cool it's frustrating if you're learning because you don't want product to move on you but you can make it move to your advantage look at that nice even flow that's pretty nice so when you get something that honored that you like you can actually give it a bit of a cure again we can do that you know 10 15 second flash cure you have to do a final full gear until you're finished this way you can just hold it into the place it in and then you know what you've got their works for you and then you just keep adding that will do a final here look at that that's a nice arch in there ok but i do feel for the structure which is super important it's a little wimpy here so if this girl I'm putting this nail on is busy and stuff and she's doing stuff the most finger that breaks the most is the index finger so if we don't add a little bit more in here she could break that so we're going to just put a little bit more right in this structured stress area just make sure it's very happy in there and look at that that's really nice so I'm just going to stick it in there to give it that 15 second flash here just make sure that I'm happy with where everything is and then i'm going to look at it again it's a little bit bumpy and lumpy but that's what filing is all about right so I really decided what shape we should do should we go for a coffin maybe I've done a lot of my almonds right I'm going to turn this off because as I just told you careful you want to hear it I'm going to do coffin let's do coffin into this sort of the point let's make it a coffin this time so I'm just going to extend this out to shape that's good now put the pink on the nail bed because it is awfully pretty and I always think a nice little codepink whether it's an acrylic morning gel it's always so pretty ok so that's how we build the gel that looks thick enough so you can even like it seems hard enough yep I'm gonna take it off if we can see it a little bit better if i take it off to show you take this form right on anything dicks so sticky you know what now that.

 I've taken it off i can see that i could use some more acrylic see the arch from here so that's acrylic or gel we need to see a little bit more through here just for structure right because i did go a little bit longer than I expected and on that note we want to make sure that this is going to be nice and strong the longer a nail is the more structure you have to have because you don't want too great right the more stress is going to be putting on that stress . so I'm going to bring in some gel little bit more I mean it's better to have more than not enough simply because you can always find out what you don't want off the going back and adding of i'm lazy once about my products away i really don't want to add any more later so I'd rather have enough and you don't want too much of course because you can be filing forever that's a nice beautiful i love that okay i'm going to go ahead and cuter this for the next 15 seconds then i'm going to go ahead and sculpture all the rest of the fingers on this hand and then you get back to me and we'll go from it egads like a math before you file you have to remove the sticky layer that's on there you can actually do feel it's quite sticky so you just get your cleanser you just cleanse it off you don't want to file with it because that would be gross this is a nice cleanser it smells really nice okay look at all the scraggly little bits there it's kind of funny I'm not as kind of fancy or cleaned up with the this application as much as i am with the acrylic so I just grabbed the mask this stuff is really fine when you're filing it so i think it really is a good idea wear masks they're not very comfortable to wear sometimes it takes a bit of getting used to but I don't want to breathe all that fine Dustin case i got me trusty old drill now before I file with the drill though I'm going to get a hand file I'm just gonna go to shape my sides here this one I think I did a bit too long now gel files quite a bit easier as a software product and acrylic so it files easier you could do the whole thing by hand be completely honest I mean you can occur like to but now i'm gonna go coffin on this just get rid of little scraggly these it's not so bad I got a little better is it went ok I want to bore you too much with the filing