Leopard Nail Art

Nail Art Designs. I've had a lot of requests to do a leopard print so that's what we're going to do today got my colors let's get going ok I've painted two coats of the white and it's you know it's pretty dry ish it's not dead proof but it's much proof so then i use the back of a form to put my paint colors on I'm gonna use black last actually the color of the inside of the cheetah are going to be read I just use acrylic paints a lot of people use polish but i like the paint it gives them much more solid pigment and color polished can be a little bit see-through sometimes.

So I find the paint is quite a bit more solid you'll see looks really good the king it's gonna do the red and the orange kind of and sometimes we get a cotton pad and i will soak it so that i can just clean the tip of my darling just between colors if only changed color ok so I'm going to just . all five fingers it doesn't have to be perfect circle because cheetah or leopard shapes yeah ok last finger at the most oh my god ok and now i'm going to do the black the outside edge and I find with the any animal print or anything like that that's very organic you don't want to be too stiff in your design.

I use a smaller tip of the dotting tool makes it so you can outline the cheetah line and it's like little c's around the circle so there's your circle and then you put little black sea's or little pieces of heart that are separated or little colon semicolon marks we try to make it a little bit organic sometimes there's like a hole in one just a little . on inside that's why i like to use the acrylic paints a very strong pigment you can add a little black dots in and around your design just gonna give it that more energetic field just keep going into the fish all five fingers this is a great design to do the end of someone's the point you can see it goes down pretty quick and using different colors you can really customize the look greatly ok now as soon as that's dry.

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You can give it a good top coat that's really cute so I did black for example with white centers you could do pink outsides or all pink nails with black centers with white outside you can just do endless endless color combinations check out the reveal so you can find these at your dollar store or a local craft store Michael's walmart something like that they're pretty cheap so you can buy lots of different colors and make lots of different color combinations send me the pictures that you make your color combination