5 Easy Nail Art Designs for SHORT NAILS

Nail Art Designs 2016 . well hello everyone it's me Christine again and i actually have nail art designs for you in today's video for once we just take a look at my recent posting history for a second like what am I even doing you thought this was a nail our channel well you thought wrong I don't know what it is though speaking of this channel we hit two million hollow sexual I'm gonna cry in hollow tears of course yes.

I am planning a massive giveaway to celebrate two million homosexuals but it's been like two seconds since my 1,000,000 giveaways home gonna need more time for now I'll just say a big thank you to everyone from the bottom of my hollow heart ok nails yay now art yes - I remember how to do this we will see so if you're new here my nails used to be long and then I broke one and then I cried and then we had a funeral and it was all very very traumatic reluctantly I filed down all my long nail to match my short nail glue time lapse filing does this make you cringe watching so much filing sheddings look at all that cocaine and here are my new shorties will not new i filmed this exactly a month ago in case you're new here and wondering yes my nails are very yellow and no i'm not a crack addict that was a joke before about the cocaine case you didn't get it and now it's time to do five potentially easy nail designs for short nail hollow sexual let's start off with the pinky because I find it most boring just applying a bluish purplish multi chrome polish at the base color first as always i try to put a list of all the polishes and stuff i'm using in my videos down below in the video description box take some dotting tools minor dirty but you should clean yours put some hollow on yogurt lid or a nail art Matt whatever you prefer and just start da ting knots on it as you can see here I'm trying to make an x-shaped pattern I'm just taking some silver Hollow.

And adding more dots really though the point of this video is to show you that you can do somewhat intricate designs on short nails and now it kind of looks like a pink acts with some silver dots around the pin deck here's a pro nail tip for you smaller your nails are the smaller you should make the . so that you can fit them all and that's that what a beautiful original design i'm just going to add a quick dry glossy top coat on top of that and we'll move on to the next one for my next now it's the one that broke on me you trade are you traitor I'm gonna start off with a nice creamy white base coat and then obviously we're going to put hollow on top of that but for now just what now add a quick dry top coat because we're gonna add nap I mean striping tape next only the original hollow sexuals know what I was about to say but didn't after that's dry and you've sung a melody Martinez song grab some striping tape preferably hollow because it's just soothing.

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I could peel this role for ever cut up some short pieces of the striping tape and stick it on the top of a nail polish bottle cap and now we're going to use a trick that models use because your nails are like models they slayed we're going to do the vertical thinning strike trick by adding a bunch of striping tape down the nail in this direction this will give the illusion that your nails are longer than they actually are shout out to all the members of the nub club make sure the striping tape is pressed down securely and blue what's on my other hand it's a beautiful blue dark blue navy blue hollow that I may have mentioned before and another west on my their hand I can't remember now finally let's add some purple hollow this time on top of the striping tape make sure to put on a thick enough to coat so that the hollow is perfectly opaque and don't forget to work quickly do not let the nail polish dries start peeling up the striping tape immediately you're also going to get all crusty and nasty and uh feel off a toe problem yes i am wearing a peel off base coat i always do but i don't recommend using one if you're going to be working with striping taper nail finals because then it'll just peel everything I am I using one I don't know don't listen to me don't do as I do add a nice thick layer of glossy taco and make sure not to push them too much or else you're gonna make all the colors bleed beautiful my nail just lost 10 pounds for the next now we're going to do a glitter placement and I'm starting off with a nice one coder black opaque polish I remember last time when i did a what's the best black polish yeah well i like because that's not the polish music just kidding i didn't like because this polish isn't available at the drugstore you can only get it online I put the link down below if you want whoo let's play with some hollow glitter though yeah yeah look at black hollow glitter heart my soul this is what.

I will look like when I am cremated and you're going to take some clear polish not top coat or tacos because they dry too fast add just a bit of clear polish on the nail because we're going to work in small sections at a time pick up some loose hello glitter by licking the tip of a toothpick I'm not going to make the same joke guys have made that joke like eight hundred and two times and you're going to spend about an hour placing every single individual glitter onto your nail I may have said these designs are easy but I didn't say they aren't time consuming you don't have to cover your entire nail and loose glitter if you don't want to but it's a great idea for an accent male and the shorter your nails are the less time you have to stand covering your nail glitter another club bowness and I've invited the ghost back to complete the look thank you ghost I love your work ghost yes you are doing . well if you're glitters are looking a little cloudy not to worry you're gonna add a nice thick coat of glossy taco and that'll bring your glitters back to hollow ville it's like who build but hollow ville so way better for the next now I'm committing a sin of the hollow sexual kingdom and mixing hollow with cream polish haul for four let's start off with one coat of teal hollow my love this color I'm like obsessed with this color right now has anyone seen my snapchat add some liquid latex around your nail to protect it because we're going to do a gradient next my god has been so long normally i wouldn't recommend doing a gradient with a creme and a hollow because they are different finishes and they don't really like to blend - well but i'm feeling rebellious today and i'm going to put those kids in the same playground and force them to get along then you just go on a dab dab dab right on the nail the soul videos like a throwback of my stupid things now you're going to repeat that let me just give you a heads up and let you know that right now we're creating a scaled gradient now that's a design i came up with about two years ago and it was my very first video on youtube the memories I've done it on short nails before because i wanted to show you guys that a scale gradient can in fact be done on short nails but I'm doing it again now because I can ok now you just gonna pee laughs simply peel lack no big deal yeah love me some peal horn then you gotta pick out any little crusties that got left behind I love cleaning up my cuticles there's something so satisfying about it then you're gonna add a glossy tacho because we're gonna actually add nail finals next let it dry for at least 15 to 20 minutes depending on how good your glossy taco is don't you get though.

I'm just gonna grab myself a single chevron nail vinyl hood it on the nail because basically we're masking off the lower gradient area of the nails that we can make a second gradient on the upper portion of the nail i called it a scaled gradient because it kinda looked like reptile scales at least because the first one I did was green and then let's get to daven but careful dab in this time you're only working with a tiny section of the nail and it may be tinier depending on how short your nails are you gotta work with the ultimate level of precision and make sure that you're just not blending all the colors together still need to see a gradient that's the idea honestly the scaled gradient technique does take some practice i'm not going to lie on short nails it is a little bit trickier but a double skill gradient like this one can definitely be done on any size nails maybe just don't attempt the triple or the quadruple when you're happy with the blending you're going to peel off simply peel again like no big deal remove the nail vinyl immediately as well don't let that shit driving up if you need to and bam that looks pretty cool donut final glassy tacho for the wind and moving on to the final design we're going to do the ugliest one maybe.

I cared less because it was on my thumb and thumbs just look weird on camera don't they like what is this stamping yeah sure let's do that cool play but the link below if you want to add some black stamping polish great that shit down down put the sticky Stamper on it and look at that will helm actually good at this why why do I not do this often i don't know instead of putting it directly on the nail we're gonna do something called reverse stamping because i'm feeling very ambitious right now basically just fill in the tiny little sections of the stamp with different colors and I think really intricate tiny designs like this one are perfect for short nails because you're gonna get a lot of design on a small surface area where's the challah where's the hollow here it is don't worry you guys do do more colors and random places when you're done color and get in like a coloring book you're going to take a clear nail polish and paint it over the entire stamp now I do clear nail polish instead of taco because at a CO makes it too hard like a crispy shell you know what that shit drive for like 20 or 30 minutes and then peel it up and now we have ourselves a DIY d Cody Cody Cody gone just going to keep repeating that from people who don't like get to stick it on your nail just had a quick coat of clear polish or taco whatever and press it right down