Nail Brushes For Acrylic Nails

Nail Art Designs . I've had a lot of viewers asked me about brushes so today it's all about the brushes let's get started kind of daunting out there with all the choices of brushes so today we're going to talk about the brush you would choose for acrylic so when i'm looking for an acrylic brush I'm really now I love the oval shape and i've been using the Oval number 84 years and I started with a square and the square can be really effective when you're learning I've learned with my students in the class if I start them off with oval a little harder so I've learned to start them off with a square first it's a little easier I think to relate to when you're talking to square when you pick up a bead on your brush and I do a video on the right be liquid monomer ratio which is really good to watch you want some tips on that but when you're picking that beat up and when you're laying it down.

If you can see right there you can see how the brush kind of fits right into the cuticle there when you're first learning that area of brush to help you learn is quite effective when you're first learning that brush can cover a lot of ground when you're sort of having and stroking the acrylic out to fit the nail breeze going to go so for a learning brush I really think this is really effective but once you start to get that under your belt you want to move up to I think an oval shaped brush the reason why these are so good because when you get into doing your French and laying in product see that lovely . at the tip that nice old ship that comes to a point that is really important in a brush you know brushes are really personal it's like a pair of shoes so you really do want to mold it and use it to you you don't want to share a brush it's a very personal thing i don't like someone using my brush I don't like that so i'll only lent it to those i really really trust that are going to mess it up and the reason why is you want to keep the shape that it has this is really important one way you can really keep that shape is after you've been using it all day when you're cleaning it.

Nail Brushes For Acrylic Nails

I dip it into the monitor when I ever i use my brush I'm always rolling it and on my paper towel when i roll it off and make over towel and constantly rolling it to keep that tip and of course if you're using the flat brush you'll be going flat like this to keep that shape but you don't want to do with a brush and i'll get an old brush to do it with I don't want to mess up my good one you don't want to do this sometimes you don't like it because my the acrylic stuck in there we'll get to that but doing it like this is just going to ruin shape your brush look at that you don't want that so what you want to do is keep a nice even though the acrylic and stuck in there we can work on that i'll show you that next ok so let's say you've got acrylic stuck in your brush that can be really frustrating when you're trying to work tip number one to not get acrylic stuck in your brush is when you get your liquid to powder ratio and you release that ball on their make sure that you clean that brush like this put a little bit of tiny pressure on it to get rid of it if you padding this back and forth and up and down and it's sticking to itself there's too much acrylic in your Russian don't want any in there it's so much easier to work with a nice clean brush even in between when you're doing it so if you do get acrylic stuck in it sometimes you can be working and do like a whole hand and you realize is still in there and you can't get it out ok so if it stays in there long enough and you do get into the point where it's hardened how do you get out monitoring going to save you you need acetone add the tone will dissolve bloat the acrylic that it will come out of your brush it can be a little hard on your brush so soaking and acetone for too long and too often can ruin those nice brushes but you got to get acrylic oh there's no other way to get it out I will get a little crazy sometime and kind of cut it out does change the shape and i'm buying a new brush within a few weeks but that's one way to get the acrylic oh so you soak this in acetone and what.

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I do is when I soaked in acetone just make sure that the acetone doesn't get up into the nice fancy part of your brush like the plastic part don't let it go past this metal part because the acetone will eat the plastic and that's no fun to work with either so you can soak in acetone probably about 3 45 minutes depending on how badly it's stuck in there and it will get the rest of it out and then you want to take like a cuticle stick and then just scrape it out like that you can do it with your nail but it will ruin your nail right if I don't have a cuticle stick this is what I do just to get her done always the move the way with the brushes you can get out and it will save your brush and depending how much money you spent on the brush I mean that may be more important to you I by brushes I mean these brushes here there around twenty four to forty dollars and they're excellent brushes this is the number eight this is a number size 10 you can see the difference in the sizes of the bristles I find a 10 a bit too big but i find an eight and it's all personal preference again like a shoe right so just a quick little side nose for us sizes go this is the time little brush I use of the detailer remember the acrylic roses that I did the 3d ones this is the size brush you want to use for that it's much much tinier you see the size of my finger to the brush room and you can even get them a little smaller than that you could i bought a two-hundred-dollar brush once I didn't clean it out good enough and i came to work to sit down and do a client like take it out and I go to use it crunch didn't really clean it out good enough the night before that was a two-hundred-dollar lesson now for cleaning your brush at the end of the day and in between clients I clean up with monomer so you literally put it in your monomer make sure there's no acrylic in it the end of doing your client and just before you leave for the night you can roll it in your monomer monomer is very effective to leave it in your brush overnight it's like a conditioner right and you can just leave it in the role it keep your tip happy rolling in your tip but the best way to store it is to have a cat bored but make sure that when you put your cap on your not going like this this is annoying I couldn't have done this that you just make sure all the hairs get inside because if they don't you go crunch and some hair is going outside oh man that does not make you happy when you come down and then you take a look at your brush in the next morning and it's all over the place you can't work with that keep an extra brush kicking around two in case you do something like that but do you store it inside your lid it does keep it softer and more subtle so when you comin down to work it's not like grunts trench you got a nice fresh soft brush to work with.

And all the bristles are happy and it's perfect so also when you're storing your brushes something that's really important is you lay it flat but never store it with the tip up the reason being is because whatever monomer is in this feral here what if you put it up like this the monomer sitting there and it's old it's good when you come in the next morning and go to work all that monomer is now old and yes you don't want it running back into your bristles because it will contaminate the look of the product that you're going to put on its new so you don't want old product in there at all so store your brush like this so if you have a cap for it some don't always have a cab you don't have to have a cap and store it like that but obviously if you don't have a cab I stick it in the left that I have at my salon and I just this little spring on the side of the lamp and i just put it in there and just hangs there for so happy it's just perfect then I always know where it is and it never gets crunched never gets lost and I just grabbed it and I'm off working okay for years i was using these are really they're very effective great brushes but they're very plain and then I found this one look at the sparkles in there that really going on love that and then this one I thought was really pretty too this is pretty pink what I love this one and it's great because it does have a cap school so you can see there's lots of selection of brushes and types and sizes that you can try and that's really the best way to find out what is going to work for you this is to get the different ones and try them you might like a cat tongue ship you might like people you might like the square best you might like trying different ones for different services also you can use a different brush for glitter products like you're when you're doing an acrylic design and then maybe keeping a brush clean that's just for the beds and stuff for you don't want any glitter