DIY Oil Spill / Oil Slick Nail Art

Holo everyone, it's me cristine again and it feels so weird because it's been so long since I've done a regular nail art tutor ial I've done a lot of random comedic shit recently Drown! Drown! Drown! Bitch, die, die, die, die! You'll have to excuse me I have to get it out of my system sometim es *laughs* Anyways I'm back with some actual nail art today. 

So let's get cereal! I'm starting off naked like I usually do. But I quickly wanted to adress the break that didn't become a break on the side of my nail. Just over a month ago I posted a video on how I almost broke my nail but it didn't actually break. You can go watch that other video if you want to see the horror st ory. Anyways what looks like a nail fracture if that's a thing has grown out quite a bit right now but it still hasn't actually s plit, like the nail is not detached where you see that line, it's still it's still completely together. I know it's really weird. You'll already know what saved my life If you watched my other video. Starting off with a peel off base coat like I do most of the time because I wanna save this manicure and put it in my creepy bag ok? ! 

I took notes from you guys and I actually found wet n' wilds black creme nail polish while I was visiting Florida. When I posted my what's the best black nail polish from the drugst ore video, a bunch of you said I should have tried this and so now I'm trying it and I am not very excited with what i'm seeing. No, what is this? No matter what color your natural nail, whether it's yellow, light pink, smurf blue, whatever, you probably want a black polish that covers the nail in one coat because it's black, which means it's the darkest shade of all which means it should be the most opaque so why aren't you doing your job?! It's totally possible that some of you out there have had this pol ish and it's opaque for you, but that's one of the problems with mass produced nail polish, sometimes there's batch inconsistencies and I guess I got a shitty batch. But now onto more important things: rainbows, rainbows, we're gonna do some rainbow nails!

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I've been wanting to try oil spill/oil slick nails for a really long time now but I could not find what the hell to use to put on my nails to make it look like that and then the unicorns must have spoken to me because I randomly stumbled upon these nail foils called rainbow swirl which I found from like the cheapest nail store ever, I put the link down below. This is where we take a piss, charlie! it's a magical rainbow of hope and wonder, and urine! So you basically just take this roll of foil and cut it up into little pieces that kinda fit your nail, but I seem to be having technical difficulties 'cause I can't even use these scissors correctly ah, there we go! Use russian magical scissors, and all your scissors problems are solved. You do not have to cut them up to fit your nail exactly: they can be a bit bigger, you'll see why soon. Next you're gonna need some foil glue. I got mine at the same place I got the foils. Now i've used foil glue before, but this foil glue is very differe nt because if you look at it very carefully, you will see that it has special magical powers or it looks like i'm shining one of those csi lights that that they use to detect sperm on it but I have no such light, why does it look like it's radioactive? so weird! Now you need to apply this mystery elixir on your nail very carefully, in thin even coats or else it kinda pools at the tip of my nail like you're seeing that I accidentally did... When the glue it completely dry, it will turn clear and when that happens, you can go ahead and press the foil right o n. Don't 'smoosh' it around on your nail, gently press it down once and oh, what's on my other hand? This is a very strange sighting coming from simply nailogical. It's brown shimmer gel polish that was not applied very well. What?! It all will make sense in a future video. Continue to smooth out the foil around your nail and if your nails are very curved like mine, then you're gonna have to press around the edges. As you keep pressing down, you'll see that the plastic part of the foil will start to lift off your nail. When you feel like you've pressed down everywhere, peel back that backing and, I didn't get everywhere...*laughs* You can sorta go back and fill in any spaces you missed, but it depends on the end result look you're going for. 

In this case, it kinda messed it up a little 'cause it's not the exact same color of oil spill in that location , but i'm not redoing that nail so let's just try it again on a different nail and see if we get diff erent results. This time around I just wanted to show you guys how cool this blue stuff looks! I mean this white stuff that looks blue over black when it dries! Yeah, look at that time lapse. I'm pretty sure this shit would glow under a blacklight *goes on amazon* Be right back, gotta buy a blacklight! It just dawned on me that using nail foil on your entire nail is like nail art for lazy people but hey, I mean art is art, a foil is a foil, and unicorns are unicorns. Sometimes, I make sense in my head. Peel it off, and bam, what a shiny mother*bleeps* I forgot to scrape off the glue before, *laughs* oops.. and, that was the one of the most easiest nail arts, I've ever don e on this channel. There's actually no orange in the foil, it was just a reflection o f the t-shirt I was wearing at the time. But just something to know generally about these kinds of foils is that they look best in indirect light meaning you don't wanna be shining a bulb right on them because then you're gonna get these glare patches. See when I angle my nails back a bit, and the light isn't shining directly on them you can see the oil spill pattern more clearly. And now, the number one challenge of using nail foils is what topcoat do I put over these without ruining them? You know what time it is, it's experiment time, it is time to do experiments! Can I just very quickly say though how frustrating it is to try to angle the paper correctly so that the light isn't *bleep * ing everything up??? Anyways I got it, so what i'm showing you right now is trying out a bunch of different glossy topcoats. I'm not gonna list every single one I tried, because.. I don't remember *laughs* but the point of this experiment is to see if any of them don't make the foil crack, like you're seeing on the screen, and they're all cracking... I even tried a real gel polish topcoat, thinking it'd be inherentl y different because of the formula. But, it still made the foil crack Nothing is working!! must do more experiments!! *lists* Another random topcoat, clear polish, but not a topcoat: yellow stopper which is supposed to be a base coat. A regular clear base coat. And they all *beeped* with the foil in their own ways, So I decided to try some holo top coat. Here's one super dispersed scattered holo topcoat. Here's a bit more dense holo topcoat, and another holo topcoat. And as I can see, it was a bit easier to tell in person then on ca mera. EVERY single thing I tried made the foil crack. So basically I gave in and just decided to try 'yellow stopper' on top of the foil because it was kinda cool, and it gave it a little bit of a bluish tint. But then on my other nail I thought, 'well let's just try a holo t opcoat'! I'm using this one, and then see how they compare, because there's no rule that all your nails need to be done the exact same way. You can see the obvious blue tinge that the yellow stopper gave the nail on my right, but I think it looks pretty cool! And obviously, it would look cooler if I put a holo topcoat on top of that! 

I can't help it, it's my holosexual tendencies! Add a final, glossy topcoat on top of everything, because.. I don't know, I just have a habit of doing that to make everything super shiny and this looks badass as *bleeps* This isn't just an oil spill anymore, it's an oil spill inside a g alaxy! yeah! Even though the combination of the topcoats and shit I put on top of my nail at the end did make the foil crack, it didn't dull it, it's still very shiny and maybe that's the final topcoat I put on top after did, i'm not sure but I would like to put it out there that if you guys know a gloss y topcoat that does not crack foils please let me know in the comments bacause i'm really feeling foil nails lately and on another note, I just want to say thank you guys so much for 500,000 holosexuals!!!!! Well to be fair, maybe not all of you are holosexuals, but if you aren't, then I will surely convert you soon. I do plan on having a massive thank you giveaway, but I'm probably going to coordinate with my 1 million followers on instagram whenever that happens, so make you're following me on instagram because that's probably w here i'm gonna announce it 'cause it's a little easier to run giveaways that way, but it's gonna be great and jam packed with HOLOOOO of course!