Sunday, June 28, 2009

Somerset Stories: Venetia Dearden (by Elyssa Marcus)

Venetia Dearden is a female photographer who grew up in Somerset,  an area in the middle of West Country, UK.  Since she spent her formative childhood and teenage years there she feels a connection to the county.  She says: "My passion and curiosity for Somerset has been fuelled by my long-term connection, and recent disconnection with this area of the West Country."  She is also compelled by its esoteric nature and its inhabitants which she once knew.  Dearden also explains her attraction to the tenuous qualities of Somerset, such as the preservation of rural land, and the simplicity of their lifestyles.  Her photographs are so strong because she claims an undeniable bond of herself to the Somerset community.

©Venetia Dearden

© Venetia Dearden

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